We stock dunlop lanvigator and doublestar tyres


Field Tyre Services stock a wide range of passenger, bakkie, taxi, SUV and commercial tyres.

Your tyres are one of the most important components of your vehicle. It is designed to bear the load of your vehicle and distributes the weight evenly accross the road surface. Worn tyres are compramizing your safety with each kilometer you travel. It is important to inspect your tyres regularly and be on the look out for any wear that can occur. Should you not know what to look for, Field Tyre Services will gladly assist and perform and inspection free of charge.

Mags and Rims

Our offering includes passenger and 4x4 rims on order and we stock rims for commercial vehicles.


We are here to help

Field Tyre Services stock a wide range of consumables used in the tyre industry. This includes tubes, flaps, valves and O'rings to name a few.

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