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Keeping you on the road

At Field Tyre Services we are all about keeping your fleet moving. We offer a variety of services that strive to live up to our promise.
Workshop Services

    Our workshop are equiped to provide you with the following services:

  • Sidewall Repairs
    When the sidewall of a tyre has been damaged due to a cut or laceration we use specialized rubber and techniques to repair the sidewall. We perform an inspection on each tyre to ensure that the tyre is salvagable before we commence with any repair. Should we find the sidewall repairable and complete the service, we offer a 3 month warranty on that repair. We repair the damaged tyres in our workshops in Vereeniging and Pretoria.
  • Vulc Repairs
    Including cosmetic repairs on Sidewall and Radial surfaces.
  • Radial Repairs
    Puncture on the tread of a tyre can be repaired swiftly. The damaged section is inspected, cleaned, prepared and sealed with a gaiter. We also offer this radial repair services on breakdowns at roadside.
  • Re-grooving
    Regrooving is a cost effective alternative to retreading. The process starts when only about 3mm of tread is remaining and it adds an additional 6 to 10mm of tread to increase the lifespan of your tyres. This is not ment to replace the retreading process but rather increase the tyre life for a few more kilometers.
  • Fitment and Rotations
    Our staff are trained to fit and rotate passenger and truck tyres with efficiency. We have a space to accomodate large trucks in both our branches.
  • Passenger Tyre Balancing
    Your car tyres needs to be rebalanced at least once a year or every 10 000km to ensure a safe journey.
  • Wheel Alignment
    Wheel alignment is offered at our Pretoria Branch.

Field Tyre Services is flexible in our service offering and should you have any other requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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